Winter Warmers: 3 Easy Winter Dinner Winners

Written by Destiny Cuisine

July 8, 2022

Winter in Johannesburg is not for the faint hearted – our winters are harsh. When we leave home, it’s dark. When we get home, it’s dark. And thanks to load shedding – it tends to stay dark!

Few things give us comfort in the cold like a warm winter meal.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve catered for a variety of winter events and functions, and if we’ve learned one thing, it’s that the best meals are warm, hearty and flavourful. So we’ve put together three easy winter dinner winners inspired by our event catering menus!


1) The Kid-Friendly Favourite


Macaroni and cheese has a reputation for being a cop-out meal, but there is nothing better than a decadent, cheesy, creamy meal. When we’re catering for events, we love to use mature cheeses, to bring out great flavours and homemade pasta for an authentic feel.

If you’re looking for a delicious, wholesome and healthy crowd pleaser, then this meal is for you! A baked mac-and-cheese loaded with (secret) veggies your kids won’t notice, but will love.

It’s a real winner, for a few reasons:

  • It’s mac-and-cheese! Kids love it, which means no fuss during mealtimes and happy tummies all the way.
  • You’re likely to already have all the ingredients in your pantry and fridge anyway so no extra shopping required!
  • There’s practically no prep-time, making this a quick and easy dinner win!
  • You can put your own spin on it – add bacon, create a cheese sauce, add breadcrumbs for a crispy top layer. You can go wild!

Top Tip: Add in half a packet of frozen mixed veggies to your baked macaroni and cheese to pack in the nutrients.


2) Some like it Hot!


Nothing says winter warmer like a Durban style curry!

Our curries are a favourite for private family functions in winter. They’re hearty. Meaty.
Wholesome. Spicy. A hug from the inside!

Here’s why curry is a winter winner:

  • It only takes 30mins to cook, allowing you to beat the load shedding cooking rush! The best curries are simple and delicious, with little prep time and maximum results!
  • A meal that stretches! The best part of cooking a curry is that there’s always plenty left over for the next day. This makes it great for your budget, too!
  • Variety. The great thing about curry is that you can mix it up; from your protein to your starch. You can use what you have in your fridge and make a great meal!
  • Hearty and wholesome. Curry is a warm, spicy and flavourful meal that the whole family can enjoy. It truly is a hug from the inside.

Top Tip: Use the leftover curry to make a quarter bunny chow for the next day!


3) Beef Stew and Dombolo (dumplings)


Destiny Cuisine prides itself on providing traditional meals as part of our catering service. Our chefs are well-trained in creating various culinary experiences, but have never lost touch with their roots and the meals they grew up on.

And winter meals would be incomplete without the warmth of a beef stew with dombolo.

This meal gets a 10/10 for easy winter dinners the whole family will love!

Read on to find out why beef stew is an essential winter winner:

  • Dombolo. They remind us of home. Steamy, warm, fluffy and delicious. Dombolo is the perfect side for a winter meal. While they may be an added extra step on a weekday, they’re sure worth it! Look out for our 30min dumpling recipe to see how you can make these a treat for your family.
  • Beef stew is a slow cooker. While it sounds like it may take too long for a weekday, once you’ve prepped, you can leave it to cook, while you focus on other tasks. This is a great win for the multi-tasking parent.
  • Beef stew is traditionally packed with vegetables! It tastes great and is nutrient rich, making it a great winter meal for the whole family.

Top Tip: Use a slow-cooker instead of the stove on low heat, to get an evenly cooked meal that you won’t have to keep an eye on!

May this winter be full of warmth, delicious meals and precious family time. Happy cooking!


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Winter Warmers: 3 Easy Winter Dinner Winners

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