Titus Phetola Makoro

Chief of the Party

Titus is a visionary who takes very complex challenges in the hospitality industry and packages them in a way that works for customers.

Through experience he has acquired insight into different businesses and their diverse cultures, which makes his approach to catering fresh, highly skilled and different.

He was instrumental in opening the first News Cafe in Soweto, believing this was a way of making the economy remain in the township. His robust approach has changed the concept of canteen-type catering in the corporate world and he’s made great strides in breaking the market monopoly and price-fixing tendencies that exist in his quest to seek value for his clients and Destiny Cuisine.

Says Titus: “As an entrepreneur, I expected to encounter rejection in building my business. I also anticipated the outdated thinking that, as a small business, I was only offering a cheap, inferior quality product. I’ve proved them wrong and I’m passionate about changing the landscape of the hospitality industry. For Destiny Cuisine, it’s Vision Possible with our Fresh Approach!”

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